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The uncomfortable work behind pulling back the curtain of race & white supremacy: Part 2. Your story

Updated: May 31, 2020

I've told you my story. Now let me help you do yours.

This work is hard. It’s uncomfortable. It will challenge your view of the world and your view of yourself in the world. It will challenge your view of your own morality, and the morality of the systems and communities that you’re in.

This work is long term. I doubt you ever really stop learning. It’s not a post you can retweet or write. It’s not standing up for someone in the face of oppression one time. It’s not an article or book you can read. It’s not one conversation you can have or one election you can vote in. It’s not just a donation or even a monthly donation. It’s doing all of these things over a long time, and probably more.

This work is tiring. I’m already tired. And I cannot fathom how tired people are who have been living this and grappling with it their entire lives. But it’s on us to take on that weight.

So let’s stop being “horrified”, “sad”, and “shocked”.

So let’s stop asking “when will this stop” and “praying for this to stop”.

And let’s stop asking “what can I do”.

Here is a list I’ve compiled from personal recommendations, recommendations of those in the anti-racist space, and my own searches.

“To Do” Lists to follow:

TED: How you can be an ally in the fight for racial justice

75 things white people can do for racial justice

5 racist anti-racism responses "good" white women give to viral posts

Organizations to donate time or money to:

Showing up for racial justice

Color of Change

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Black visions collective

Your local NAACP chapter

Black Women’s Blueprint

The Loveland Foundation

Black Lives Matter


Be the Bridge

Contacting your representatives:

Text RESIST to 50409 to contact your representatives by phone

Resources to guide you through the work:

Me and white supremacy (a workbook)

White privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack

Teaching your children about race: A guide for parents and teachers

Articles to read:

When feminism is white supremacy in heels

Literally everything written by Rachel Cargle including these

Why it’s so hard to talk to white people about racism

Black parents know about “the talk”, white parents- it’s your turn

Your black colleagues may look like they’re okay- chances are they’re not

You’re not going to believe what I’m going to tell you (comic)

Holy shit, being an ally isn’t about me: How I learned being a white liberal doesn’t make me a good ally

The sugarcoated language of white fragility

9 phrases allies can say when called out instead of getting defensive

Cognitive reserve and racial privilege in STEM

Redlining and mental health: connecting the dots across poverty, place, and exclusion

There are huge racial disparities in how US police use force

Microaggressions: more than just race

Racial reconciliation may not be what you think it is

Honor native land: a guide and call to acknowledgment

Podcasts to listen to (or whereever you listen to podcasts):

Code switch (NPR)

Intersectionality Matters with Kimberle Crenshaw

The stoop podcast

2 dope queens

Yo, is this racist?

Fear of the black man: How racial bias could affect crime and labor rates (interview)

Books to read (or wherever books are sold):

How to be an anti-racist

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race

So you want to talk about race

Between the world and me

We were eight years in power

Playing in the dark

The hate you give

The warmth of the other sons

Lies my teacher told me: Everything your American history textbook got wrong

White rage: The unspoken truth of our racial divide

For white folks who teach in the hood.. and the rest of ya’ll too

Hood feminism: Notes from the women that the movement forgot

Native son


Their eyes were watching God

The health gap

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

Dying of whiteness: How the politics of racial resentment is killing America’s heartland

Books to read to your kids:

Can I touch your hair? Poems of race, mistakes, and friendship

A is for activist

Let’s talk about race

Brick by brick

All the colors we are: The story of how we get our skin color

The freedom we sing

The color of us

And more

Movies and Documentaries:

If Beale Street could talk (Hulu)

The hate you give (Hulu)

Slavery by another name: The re-enslavement of black Americans from the Civil War to World War II (PBS)

Selma (Amazon Prime)

I am not your negro (Amazon Prime)

13th (Netflix)

Dear white people (Netflix)

Other resources:*8XJiBIWorkatZr1rIgMaxQ

If you have additional resources or recommendations, please leave them below.

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